The rock's ready to roll again!
Corona lockdown
May: Re-release of The Happening Combo CD on Singsong!
Okt 11: SMB 't Zwaantje St-Denijs-Westrem
Aug 10: SMB Dries kermis Melle
Aug 4: SMB in de Bierderij in Oudenaarde
Feb 24: guest Beatles tribute concert in Auroville / India
Aug 4: SMB - Melle Dries kermis with new piano player.
May: digital release by Cluster Park of "Summertime", press title.
Mar 30: SMB Trio ~ Concert at Stat 68 ~ Aalter, press title.
Jan: Alain Berthe leaves the band after 22 years, decoration!
 Sept 17: Fin de saison Afsnee
June 24: 't Veer kermis Afsnee
Nov 25: SMB at The Cover in Ghent
June 25: SMB plays at the Sheffield on show in Hillsborough Park and at the Loxley golfclub, first re-appearance in the UK since 2004.  
Dec 19: SMB gig in ‘t Vissershuis in Melle
Dec 19: poetry & music with Erika in 't Trefpunt in Gent
Dec 18: poetry & music with Erika in het Lijsternest in Ingooigem
Nov 15: poetry & music with Erika & Ray in the used book cafe in Gent
Sept 20: SMB gig in De Nele in Lembeke
Aug 8: SMB gig in de Haaghoek in Horebeke
Aug 4: SMB gig in Bachten te Kuppe
Apr 11: poetry & music with Erika & Ray in de Tuin van heden te Gent
Mar 21: SMB gig in cafe de frisse jongen in Melle
Feb 15: poetry & music with Erika - Midwinterbeelden  in Den Haan
Nov 17: poetry & music with Erika & Tsjok Declercq in 't Geuzenhuis
Sept 21: SMB - De Nele - Lembeke
Aug 23: SMB - Makkegemse feesten - Schelderode
Apr 26: poetry & music with Erika - flea market en 't Masereelhuis 
Mar 23: poetry & music with Erika ~ Knipoogdag Rijksarchief Brugge


Dec 21: SMB at The Grand Canyon - Nazareth
Feb 18: Kevin Ayers passed away peacefully at his house in the South, oh fare you well my friend!


Dec 12:  SMB in de Charlatan - Gent
Nov 9:    Poetry event in 't Marktjen - Brussel
Oct 21:  SMB in De Nele - Lembeke
Sep 14:   Poetry event in Victoria Deluxe - Gent
June 21: SMB in 't Gavrije - Gavere
June 7:   SMB in 't Gildenhuis - Melle - REVIEW
May 26:  Poetry event in La Resistenzia - Gent
May 5:    FM-Band in Los perros calientes - Gent


Dec: PC Band - Het onverwacht geluk - Gent
Dec: FM Band - Trefpunt - Gent
Nov: Poetry event - De Kleine Kunst - Gent  
Okt: SMB in café OPCD - Ardooie
Aug: FM Band in De Nele - Lembeke  
Juni: SMB Statie Aalter
May: SMB in De Nele - Lembeke
May: SMC Hof Ter Beemt - Zingem
Feb: SMB in Melle


Dec: Marvin produced 2de CD van MT Freeman, zie Het Nieuwsblad
Nov: "Bunker" reünie in "De Toverdoos" - Gent
Sept: SMB in "Le Bal Infernal" - Gent
Aug: SMB bij Boer Bart - Drongen


poetry & music with Erika De Stercke & Ray Barelli
Kevin Ayers, Marvin & Sophie - July 2012
Starvin Marvin Band - May 2011
 FM Band - Nov 2010