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Okt 11: SMB 't Zwaantje St-Denijs-Westrem
Aug 10: SMB Dries kermis Melle
Aug 4: SMB in de Bierderij in Oudenaarde
Feb 24: guest Beatles tribute concert in Auroville / India
Aug 4: SMB - Melle Dries kermis with new piano player.
May: digital release by Cluster Park of "Summertime", press title.
Mar 30: SMB Trio ~ Concert at Stat 68 ~ Aalter, press title.
Jan: Alain Berthe leaves the band after 22 years, decoration!
 Sept 17: Fin de saison Afsnee
June 24: 't Veer kermis Afsnee
Nov 25: SMB at The Cover in Ghent
June 25: SMB plays at the Sheffield on show in Hillsborough Park and at
the Loxley golfclub, first re-appearance in the UK since 2004.  
Dec 19: SMB gig in ‘t Vissershuis in Melle
Dec 19: poetry & music with Erika in 't Trefpunt in Gent
Dec 18: poetry & music with Erika in het Lijsternest in Ingooigem
Nov 15: poetry & music with Erika & Ray in the used book cafe in Gent
Sept 20: SMB gig in De Nele in Lembeke
Aug 8: SMB gig in de Haaghoek in Horebeke
Aug 4: SMB gig in Bachten te Kuppe
Apr 11: poetry & music with Erika & Ray in de Tuin van heden te Gent
Mar 21: SMB gig in cafe de frisse jongen in Melle
Feb 15: poetry & music with Erika - Midwinterbeelden  in Den Haan
Nov 17: poetry & music with Erika & Tsjok Declercq in 't Geuzenhuis
Sept 21: SMB - De Nele - Lembeke
Aug 23: SMB - Makkegemse feesten - Schelderode
Apr 26: poetry & music with Erika - flea market en 't Masereelhuis 
Mar 23: poetry & music with Erika ~ Knipoogdag Rijksarchief Brugge


Dec 21: SMB at The Grand Canyon - Nazareth
Feb 18: Kevin Ayers peacefully passed away at his house in the South of
France, fare you well my friend!


Dec 12:  SMB in de Charlatan - Gent
Nov 9:    Poetry event in 't Marktjen - Brussel
Oct 21:  SMB in De Nele - Lembeke
Sep 14:   Poetry event in Victoria Deluxe - Gent
June 21: SMB in 't Gavrije - Gavere
June 7:   SMB in 't Gildenhuis - Melle - REVIEW
May 26:  Poetry event in La Resistenzia - Gent
May 5:    FM-Band in Los perros calientes - Gent


Dec: PC Band - Het onverwacht geluk - Gent
Dec: FM Band - Trefpunt - Gent
Nov: Poetry event - De Kleine Kunst - Gent  
Okt: SMB in café OPCD - Ardooie
Aug: FM Band in De Nele - Lembeke  
Juni: SMB Statie Aalter
May: SMB in De Nele - Lembeke
May: SMC Hof Ter Beemt - Zingem
Feb: SMB in Melle


Dec: Marvin produced 2de CD van MT Freeman, zie Het Nieuwsblad
Nov: "Bunker" reünie in "De Toverdoos" - Gent
Sept: SMB in "Le Bal Infernal" - Gent
Aug: SMB bij Boer Bart - Drongen




Nov 5: SMB at the Boogiewoogie in Geraardsbergen
Okt:  Dirk Van Gansbeke  Memorial - 30 artists playin' for free to commemorate!!
July:  Reunion gig with Alan Gevaert and Fons Sijmons in Ghent, two original members of
Luc Bral 's Plastic Dreamband from 1981.  It was 25 years ago since they last played
together to record "Marvin & the paranoid androids".
Gigs with Paul Couter:
  * May: at the Narrow sack, acoustic quartet!
Gigs with Reena Riot:
  * May: Moesterfestival (duo met Naomi Sijmons) - St-Denijs-Westrem
  * April: De Manedans - Kruishoutem
  * March: café The Kinky star - Gent
Gigs with special guest Cindy Barg:
  * Feb: at "De Nauwe zak" - Gent 
             at "De Manedans" - Kruishoutem   
Marvin produced 1st CD van MT Freeman


Dec: Den Witten Uil - Vinderhoute
Nov: BADA BING - Oostende
Okt: Check out new gigs with Reena Riot and her father Fons Sijmons - It was 20 years
ago since Fons and Marvin played together again, Ludo Huyghe joins in on drums.

Aug: First gig with Reena Riot in Zeebrugge

May: Marvin on Belgian TV in "man bites dog", due to the death of Albert  Hofmann!

April: Gig with SMB at El Negocito - Ghent

March: Gig with SMB at "De Nauwe zak" - Ghent

Feb - Marvin produces Ed & the hot burritos, better known as Eddie De Smul !


April - SMB live at the Kinky Star, Ghent

May - With Paul Couter as Support-act of 10CC at "De Bijloke" in Ghent


Performing with Paul Couter and Patriek De Neve as a blues project

Dec - Marvin recording some dance music at the ICP-studio in Brussels with Ben Brunin
and Cindy Barg, the so-called ATCY-Project, listen on myspace


Since 2005 Kevin changed plane, tired of tours causing him more health problems than money,
he decided to concentrate on finishing his long awaited new album, for which Marvin helped
recording the demo's

Feb - Marvin starts playing with Paul Couter,  Patriek De Neve's friend, as solo-guitarist

May - SMB live at the MIX in Lotenhulle

June - working on a possible Lady June Tribute with Lady Saskia

Nov - CINDRELLA - band for a special occasion with Cindy Barg


May - second Japanese tour with Kevin Ayers

   "   - fourth UK-Tour with Kevin Ayers

July - Gentse Feesten (Festivities in Ghent)

Nov - Spanish tour (Barcelona & Mallorca)

For more information about these gigs see Reviews or check out the WAWS-website.


Mar - Spirit of '66 in Verviers with Kevin Ayers

June - second UK-Tour with Kevin Ayers

Nov - third UK-Tour with Kevin Ayers


Mar  - first Japanese tour with Kevin Ayers

May  - recording session with Marvin & the band at ‘t Graafschap in Hansbeke

Aug  - Canterbury Festival in Kent with Kevin Ayers

Sept - Queen Elisabeth Hall in London with Kevin Ayers

Okt   - First UK-tour with Kevin Ayers


April - Top of the bill with Kevin Ayers at Rockardinal festival in Jette, Brussels

Aug - Gig with Kevin Ayers at the Countship of Hansbeke

Okt  - Recording sessions with Kevin Ayers and the band at 't Graafschap in Hansbeke


Ludo Huyghe replaces Dirk Van Gansbeke on drums and  the band starts playing along
regulary with Kevin Ayers

Jan - Gig at CC De Woeker in Oudenaarde with Kevin Ayers & Luc Alloo TV6 special

Okt - recording-sessions with Kevin Ayers in Montolieu, South of France

poetry & music with Erika De Stercke & Ray Barelli
Kevin Ayers, Marvin & Sophie - July 2012
Starvin Marvin Band - May 2011
 FM Band - Nov 2010


Bye bye, tanx very much!

Poster from the Japanese tour 2004 with Kevin Ayers

On stage at the Canterbury festival 2002






At the start Marvin got a free gear proposal from a beautiful guitarshop, Rudy's Gear, in exchange for some pre-production work.  Aside he started playing solo-gigs in bars and trenches to, by coincidence, become the first Midi-Minit-Man before its time.  Of course he got noticed by a vast crowd of musicians, all eager to play with him, that's how he renewed acquaintances with Patrick "CC Neef" De Neve and Dirk Van Gansbeke, forming the spine of the Siau Trio.  At the same time Kevin Ayers picks up Marvin to join in on acoustic evenings all over Europe. In the meanwhile his band slowly builds up with a first peak in '94, touring in Belgium and making demo's, all sponsored by Kevin's manager Jo King, with whom Marvin starts getting on frequentely!  Kevin connects Marvin to Lady June to help her record her new album "Hit & Myth", released in '95.  She came over to Belgium and without preparation they did 7 songs in 3 weeks, from which 5 published on the CD, so adding more depht and atmosphere to her poetry which sounds milestones ahead.







It takes a long period after that, picking up Alain Berthe in '96, 'till 3 years later,  Marvin  bargains with a Belgian agency, resulting in a promo CD-single and small budget tours.  But than, in May opportunity knocks, Kevin Ayers joins in with the band on stage somewhere in Belgium!  Unfortunately at the end of the year tragedy hits the band, Dirk and his wife both die in a car-accident after a gig. 






               THE EIGHTIES                 


After Trampolino Marvin met the famous blonde singer LUK BRAL, with whom he toured a lot as an acoustic duo so gaining his first professional contacts in the showbiz.  They founded the PLASTIC DREAM BAND and released dito record, press on the LIPS to hear Marvin 's guitar solo on it, but the band didn't last long.  At the same time he 'd met another blonde singer named Kevin Ayers at the notorious Torhout/Werchter Rockfestival in Belgium and started flying to Mallorca there and back.  In '82 Marvin goes solo with a single featuring Ollie Halsall, but stays unnoticed.  Meanwhile  friendship grew and demo's were exchanged while Marvin found a  record-company who was interested to put out his new record.    He invited Kevin to come over for a gastronomical week, but contrary to his expectations he accepted the invitation.

And so they rushed into the studio to do the quickest job ever, the record-company only gave them 4 days to record the album, a serious blast for "Starvin Marvin & the Paranoid Androids".   Despite the fact that Kevin Ayers produced the album, rock&roll highdays were over and weird rhythms and dark poetry were rushing in, so artist and album disappeared into oblivion again.  Untill Kevin recorded "Another Rolling Stone" on his new album in '88, one of Marvin's songs, a majestic cleaned up carter on which, with the regained beloved of your life, you can waltz, through gracefully with exhuberant crystal chandeliers enlightened ballrooms.    
















The first Belgian Punk Contest '78


Punk Live button for music






Summer '75, school 's out - After College, Marvin left the stinking city behind and headed for the country, where he started playing guitar in a  psychedelic rock band called TRAMPOLINO.  Singing about altered states of consciousness, they had a very good repertoire and were mainly an energetic live band, that jumped on the punk wave as it rolled by.  Thought many fabulous gigs between Paris (Golf Drouot '78), Amsterdam (Melkweg '77) and Brussels (Punk Contest '78), they kicked against too many top hats hi heels, while boating before the Palace of Justice in Ghent, and had to die.  The only vinyl they produced is on an LP called "The first Belgian Punk Contest", from 1978.  Another simultaneous recorded album, as backing band for whistleblower Steef Verwee, surfaced recently, cosmic mail probably?

Children fighting for the Pink Elephant




Trampolino on stage:  fltr. Christo Simplex (Van De Velde C.), Pink Punk Lapino (Van Den Abeele H. †),  Rollobollo (Block E.) &  Cadillaca (Siau M.)

It was a musical adventure full of magical creativity, original ideas, search for authenticity and friendship, all the ingredients that make jolly good tunes. But a record deal never came through, they got sussed and missed the bus.  So the band broke up, and they would never play again, love tore them apart!  Luckely some of the music still remains well preserved, thanks Rod for Shamrock tapes, press on the images and enjoy the mousse, the UFO's are coming!




Press images to listen to some songs